Tales of A Paleo Mom

Lunch for the Kids

on September 5, 2012

Sarah’s lunch

I get asked quite often what I pack for my kids’ lunches, so I decided to do a quick post today on what my kids are eating for lunch.

Most days they have some sort of lunch meat. Sarah’s favorites are Applegate salami and Fork in the Road Black Forest Ham. I get both from the Whole Foods deli counter. (The ham is definitely the best I have ever had!) Joey is on an Applegate pepperoni kick currently. He also likes the ham to mix things up once in a while. Both kids have Organic Valley raw cheese – one is sharp cheddar and the other is monterey jac  (this makes their lunch more primal than paleo since I am including dairy.)  Veggies in their lunches have been challenging since they really only like raw carrots. Joey chose strawberries and Sarah opted for strawberries and raspberries for their fruit. Sarah has a Larabar to eat if she wants during lunch or after school. Joey has sunbutter (THE BEST!) and an apple for his after school snack. He gets picked up by a friend’s family and dropped off at soccer twice a week. On those days, I pack extra snacks to make sure he has something healthy before practice.

I just picked up our little Lunchbot containers. I LOVE THEM! I was trying to make the kids’ lunches “more fun” and also reduce the amount of waste I was packing.  The new containers have been great for keeping items cold (as long as I pack the night before and refrigerate). There are many different kinds with different section configurations.  There are also thermoses and condiment containers as well.

A couple of things to look forward to…I am hoping to post more pictures now that I am sort of getting the hang of the blog thing, I am starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox tomorrow for my second real attempt (first time only lasted 10 days and there have been several one day attempts since…more info to come on this soon), and recipes for Balsamic Garlic Crusted Steak, Quick and Easy Grilled Shrimp and Sweet and Sour Glaze/Dipping Sauce as promised.

Joey’s lunch


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