Tales of A Paleo Mom

Sweet Mashed Potatoes and Sugar Detox Day 9 and 10

on September 16, 2012

My husband asked why we don’t have these at Thanksgiving.  He said he likes them better than mashed potatoes and for a meat and potatoes guy that is saying a lot!  We usually have these with roasted chicken or pork tenderloin but would make a great side for many different dishes.  Super easy and super fast as well….my kind of recipe 🙂


3 sweet potatoes

2-3 Tb. butter (We use Kerrygold.)

1-2 Tb. honey

Salt (optional)

What to do…

  1. Peel potatoes and cut sweet potatoes into chunks.  Place in a sauce pan and over with water.
  2. Boil the potatoes until you can easily poke them with a fork.
  3. Remove form heat and drain off the water.
  4. Begin to mash potatoes.  Add butter, honey and salt (if using) and continue to mash.  (I still do mine by hand with a potato masher thingy.)
  5. Serve immediately.
  6. *While doing the detox, I mash the potatoes with butter and then remove my serving before adding honey for the rest of my family.

Sugar Detox – Day 9 and 10

Still going strong.  There are temptations all over my house but I haven’t given in yet.  This is the point where I gave in last time.  Tonight we are off to a church carnival thing, have two early soccer games tomorrow morning, and then a 7 year old birthday party after that.  Crossing my fingers I don’t give in!

Day 9

  • Breakfast:  green apple with sun butter…I had two hard boiled eggs but the bell rang for school to start before I could peel and eat them
  • Lunch:  Trader Joe’s garlic herb sausage, roasted bell peppers, carrots, avocado
  • Dinner:  sweet potato pancake, roasted jalapeno burger (the kids had regular burgers….ours were really good but HOT!), baby carrots
  • black coffee, cashews

Day 10

  • Breakfast:  hard boiled egg, Freezer waffles (from Eat Like a Dinosaur….LOVE THESE!)
  • Lunch:  left over sweet potato pancake, 2 slices black forest ham, baby carrots
  • Snack:  banana
  • Dinner:  Balsamic Garlic Crusted Steak, carrots, avocado
  • so I guess I gave in a bit by eating a couple slices of an orange while prepping snack for my son’s soccer game but I can’t resist Cara Cara oranges…mmmmmmmm, black coffee

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