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Sneaky Vegetable Meatballs I and Sugar Detox Day 13

on September 18, 2012

I typed up this post quite a while ago but never published it.  I just made meatballs again tonight but tweaked this recipe a bit.  Sneaky Vegetable Meatballs II will be posted this week along with Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins.

While my kids like veggies, their list of ones they will eat is short.  My husband’s list is even shorter!   So I have to get creative to have them eat vegetables.   Tonight’s dinner was a hit with everyone and an easy way to sneak in some vegetables.

My husband and kids ate the meatballs on quinoa noodles with a marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s.  These noodles are made from non-gmo organic corn and organic quinoa flour.  These aren’t “paleo” but definitely a better option than the noodles they were eating before.    I have never been a huge fan of pasta, so I opted for eating my meatballs with steamed kale.


2 zucchini, grated

1 sweet potato, grated

3-4 handfuls of baby spinach

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 lb. grass feed ground beef ( I used 85%/15%)

2 eggs

1/4 almond flour

salt and pepper to taste

What to do…

  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Combine zucchini and sweet potato in a large bowl.
  3. Put spinach and garlic into food processor.  Pulse until spinach is finely ground.  Add eggs and run food processor for about 1 minute, until everything is combined.
  4. Pour spinach mixture in with zucchini and sweet potato.  Add the remaining ingredients.  Combine well with your hands.
  5. Form mixture into balls slightly larger than a golf ball.
  6. Place meatballs into a glass baking dish.
  7. Cover dish with tin foil and bake in oven for 40-45 minutes.

Sugar Detox – Day 13

I can’t believe I only have 8 days left.  It really hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be.  My only challenge is eating after dinner.  I am not sure if I am really hungry or if I am just in the habit of eating “dessert”.  So I am going to try and not eat after dinner for the next 8 days.  Here were today’s eats:

  • Breakfast:  Sweet Potato Pumpkin Breakfast Cake (I took a recipe and made a couple changes including taking out the honey for the detox.  They are a little bland but good with sauteed cinnamon apple slices.), 2 hard boiled eggs, black coffee
  • Snack:  green banana
  • Lunch:  leftover steak and kale, raw carrots, and sauerkraut
  • Dinner:  Sneak Vegetable Meatballs II, spaghetti squash, raw carrots with salsa, green salad with balsamic dressing
  • Snack:  Zucchini Muffin with 2 TB sunbutter, black coffee

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