Tales of A Paleo Mom

Trying this again…

on March 23, 2013

So I am going to try to give this a chance again.  I plan on continuing to review recipes I have tried or share ones I have created in addition to using it as a log for eats and workouts.  A little boring (yes….sorry), but I need to hold myself more accountable and logging what I am eating works for me. (I did this during January and it worked really well for me.)  Things have been a bit rough over the past few months and making healthy eating choices didn’t always happen.  I tend to be a stress eater.  With the rest of the family ditching the Paleo way of eating, there were way too many unhealthy choices and old favorites tempting me.

On a positive note, I did manage to complete a Whole 30 challenge during January.    I made it the whole 30 days with no sugar, processed foods (BACON) and really focused on eating more veggies.  While I did miss my dark chocolate and bacon, I felt AMAZING and all my tummy troubles went away. I found some delicious recipes and am planning on doing another Whole 30 in the near future.  One of my favorite recipes I ate often during the 30 days, Paleo Minestrone Soup.  I know the timing of sharing this recipe is not the best as we are heading into warmer weather (at least her in CA!).  I made it for the staff at school and EVERYONE loved it.

Today’s Chow….

  • Meal 1:  two eggs scrambled with baby spinach, coffee with coconut milk and coconut sugar
  • Another cup of coffee with organic half and half and coconut sugar (This was out of relief that my public speaking (Honor Roll Assembly) was over!)
  • Meal 2:  leftover Rotisserie chicken, roasted asparagus, green salad with tomatoes, purple onion, cucumbers, cabbage, balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  • Snack: whole bag of cheesy kale chips
  • Meal 3:  beef roast, roasted carrots with a few potatoes, green beans, cantaloupe and strawberry fruit salad
  • Meal 4:  dark chocolate (1.5 servings) and decaf coffee with coconut milk and coconut sugar

Today’s Workout…

  • 3.5 mile run in 32:37

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