Tales of A Paleo Mom

A Spring Break to Remember…

on April 6, 2013

So I last left off excited that Spring Break finally was here!  We had plans with family and friends for Easter celebrations, and I had big plans for my week off since my kids were not off….shopping, shopping and more shopping with yoga in there a couple times.  That was until my world came to a screeching halt on Saturday night and I was reminded about what is most important in my life – my family and friends.

My son ended up in the ER at 11:00 pm Saturday night after having rapid breathing for much of Saturday afternoon and evening.  I knew he wasn’t feeling well that day since he had been sleeping and complained of a headache.  He didn’t seem like his normal happy self but it didn’t seem like anything other than being under the weather.  My husband noticed that he was breathing really fast at around 1:00 pm.  We kept an eye on it since Joey said he felt fine.   I ended up contacting an advice nurse who said it sounded like he was congested and told me to put him in the bathroom and run the shower on hot.  He needed to sit in there for 15-20 minutes in the steam.   He fell asleep and every time I checked on him, he said he was good but the breathing never slowed down.  Finally at 10:00 pm and after worrying for hours, my husband, neighbors, mother-in-law and I all agreed it wasn’t right and we were concerned that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  I called to speak to another advice nurse and she told me to bring him in right away.  (Lesson learned here…while I know I am not a medically trained professional, the next time something like this happens I will be heading straight to urgent care or the hospital without consulting the advice nurse.  My gut told me to go, and the ER nurse told me next time listen to my gut!)

Once we reached the ER, we were immediately asked how long Joey had had asthma.  I looked at the nurse confused and told her he had never been diagnosed with asthma.  He was a healthy kid.  Within two minutes of being admitted to the hospital, they had him in a room and were hooking him up to all sorts of machines, giving him medication, and getting IV lines into him.  It all happened so fast I couldn’t really process what was going on.  The doctors quickly ordered x-rays and blood tests.  My husband and I sat in silence much of the night/morning with the exception of the beeps from Joey’s monitors every once in a while.  Neither one of us got any sleep.  At some point in the early morning hours, a doctor came in and said they thought it was an asthma episode, and there was a suspicious spot on Joey’s left lung which could be pneumonia and the possible trigger for the asthma.  They were going to start treating him for both – steroids to open up his airway, Albuterol for the asthma, and antibiotics for the possible pneumonia.   Doctors kept telling us that if Joey started to improve there was a chance he would be sent home in the early morning but watching him lying there on the bed I knew that there was no way he was going home.  There was little change by 6:00 am Sunday morning.  The decision was made to transfer him to another hospital that had a pediatric unit.

Once at the other hospital, Joey continued the treatment they had started in the ER, but again no one really knew what or why any of this was happening.  He was on a constant feed of Albuterol which caused his heart rate to be elevated (140-150 beats per minute whereas normal range for his age is 80-100) and he was still breathing around 40 breaths per minute (should be about 20).  He had to have constant oxygen as well.  Joey’s improvement was minimal (although when you asked him, he was always “good”), and the doctors decided to give him an Epinephrine shot to open up his airways and help reduce swelling in hopes that the asthma medication could finally reach his lungs.  There was also talk about moving him to the ICU if he didn’t start to improve after the shot.

Fortunately, although very slow, he started to show improvements and we did not have to venture into the ICU (thank goodness!).  It took a total of three nights to get him to a point where he was well enough to come home.  We have had to continue the steroids for three days along with antibiotics one of which will be for 8 days.  Joey now has an inhaler and will have several follow up appointments to figure out if he is asthmatic and what might have triggered the asthma “episode”.

The events over the last couple of days have gotten me to stop and think about how much I take for granted.  It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses of day to day life without taking time to be thankful for all that I have….and I do have a lot to be thankful for 🙂

This week has helped me slow down a bit, but I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and to meal planning (there was none of that this past week and that caused some serious problems….aghhh).  More about my not so good stress eating tomorrow….maybe…it was bad….really bad…..I’m serious.  I ate things I haven’t eaten in a LONG time…it got ugly…M&Ms.Soda.Cookies.Nachos(mmmm those were worth it).More M&Ms.Mochas.Peanutbutterpretzels.Goldfish.  See.  I told you it was ugly!

Today’s Chow…

  • <insert face palm>

Today’s Workout…

  • jogged 3.2 miles in 29:52 (was just glad to get out and move!)

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