Tales of A Paleo Mom

Crossfit…what the heck am I thinking?

on April 7, 2013

I had typed this last Saturday and never got it posted due to our trip to the hospital…..

So I worked out in a gym when I was in my early 20’s.  That makes me laugh because when I say “worked out” all  I did was step aerobics, lifted Barbie size weights for uncountable reps, and did 500 million crunches.  I can’t believe that is what I thought would get me in shape.  I used to want to be “toned” which all I really was was skinny.  I didn’t have muscle…I had toothpicks for arms.  I had no idea what I was doing.  But while I am laughing that I thought skinny was in shape, it is sad.  I felt that way for a long time.  I wanted to be skinny.


But over the last couple of years my thinking has started changing slowly although the number on the scale is still something I think about.  I want to put on muscle and get excited if I see any sign of definition.  I don’t focus on cardio but rather lifting actual weights (working on that).  I am working out in our side yard “gym” alone right now.  I have a lot of equipment (half cage, dumbbells from 5 lbs. to 60 lb., sandbag, jump rope, dip/pull up station, benches, etc).  But I have no idea if I am doing things correctly, and I am pretty sure there are many things I am not doing right and would benefit from doing better.

Enter Crossfit.  Today in my email was a Groupon for a nearby Crossfit gym.  I looked at the website, watched a video of a workout, and read some of the reviews.  My girlfriend (and neighbor) said that she would workout with me and had mentioned doing Crossfit recently.  So we decided today that we would join for the next three months and purchased the Groupons!  I am excited and nervous at the same time!   Honestly, I am not thrilled about working out with people I don’t know but it will be motivation to keep my behind moving.  I am terrified of box jumps but look forward to being able to finally do a pull up or squat properly.  I hope there will be opportunities learn technique and fix things I am doing wrong.  I have never had a “workout buddy”, so going with a friend will definitely be motivation to get up and go and (hopefully) survive the workouts together.

So…I will keep doing my New Rules of Lifting for Women until we get set up at Crossfit.  I know we need to take four “on the ramp” classes before we are allowed to do regular classes.  The Crossfit gym we are going to says we have to learn the technique for Olympic lifts (holy crap!) which I envision hitting myself on the head with the barbell.

Goodbye toothpick arms…give me my first WOD!


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