Tales of A Paleo Mom

Stitch Fix #1…It’s here!

on December 17, 2013

On Saturday, I received an email that my Stitch Fix was on its way!


This afternoon, I was super excited to find the box already at the house and couldn’t wait to try everything on.  There were three tops, one pair of jeans, and a bracelet.  Taking the items out of the box, I thought the tops looked super cute and was excited to try them on.  The jeans not so cute with the detailing down the side, but you never know until you try something on.

I took out the styling guide which gives recommendations for what to try each piece on with and realized I own nothing they suggest (…why I signed up Stitch Fix in the first place!).  So I pulled out a jean skirt and had jeans as a backup if needed.  My 13 year old daughter was my audience while I “modeled” the pieces.  I knew she would not hold back and tell me if something looked horrible.  She’s great at that!

photo 3(1)

The black top was first.  I actually liked this one the least out of the box but the most once I tried it on.  It was super soft and comfortable.  The problem is I own mostly black.  Nothing like this top though.  So it is currently in the bag to return, but I am debating whether to keep it or not.  13 year old verdict – “I like it.”

photo 4

Next up…the patterned top which I was hoping would look cute just because I don’t own anything like it AT ALL.  It was okay but hung kind of funny and reminded me of a maternity top.  13 year old verdict – “Nahhhh.”  (But I am wondering if it would have looked better with jeans and boots which would be good for work…may try it again which is the great thing about having three days!)

photo 3

The next top, the teal v-neck,  I was sure was going to be my favorite, however,  I disliked it the most!  The v part of the shirt was strange, and it clung to my boobs which made it look even stranger.  13 year old verdict – “It looks weird.”

photo 2

Finally, the jeans.  Out of the box, my daughter had already turned her nose up at them.  Funny thing is, she really liked them and said they even looked cute.  They were too snug and too short for my taste (the tag called them “ankle biters”).   13 year old verdict – “Woah.  They look good.”

photo 1(1)

The bracelet was heading back regardless.  Definitely not my style.

Not me...

Even though nothing seemed to workout for me from my first fix,  I am excited to see what comes again next month.  The items in the box ranged from $48 to $58 dollars.  If you purchase all five pieces, you receive 25% which is a pretty large chunk, in addition to the $20 you prepaid for the styling fee. It seems like it would have been a good deal had everything worked out.  I am going to send back the items and update my profile now that I have a better idea about styles and sizes (although I think the sizes were okay except maybe the jeans could have been one size larger).  I have read that it can take a few tries before getting it right.  I am hoping next month may have a few pieces that I can add to my pathetic wardrobe!

Recipe coming tomorrow for Glazed Carrots – the whole family loved them!


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