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Happy New Year – Ramblings

on January 2, 2014

I have been enjoying my time off from school.  The first few days were spent preparing for Christmas – finishing last minute shopping, wrapping gifts and meal prep. Once the things settled down (which I knew this was going to happen!), I ended up sick.  Just a cold, but I’m not feeling 100% which is not the way I wanted to end 2013 and begin 2014.

My eating hasn’t been all that great since Thanksgiving.  Too many treats and indulgences.  I ate pretty healthy overall but definitely didn’t deprive myself if I wanted a treat or something “not so healthy”.   It is time to get my eating back on track now, and I want to pay more  attention to what I am eating pre and post workout.  I am wondering how much of difference it will make if I start paying more attention to making sure I am properly “fueled” for my workouts.  We shall see 🙂

I have been thinking about New Year goals.  No resolutions here, since they are just setting myself up for failure…resolutions are for quitters and I am not a quitter.   In addition to setting goals, I am also going to try monthly challenges (30 day challenges) which I have read about on several blogs.  They won’t necessarily be food related or workout related-although more than likely they will be.  They are really just to keep me in check with living a healthy lifestyle.

As far as goals, I only have a few at the moment…

  1. Eat real food.  Overall, I think I do fairly well with this, but definitely could improve.  I still have times where I slip up and make poor food choices.  After that, it turns into a downward spiral and my eating gets out of control which ends up lasting several days.  I just bought three new cookbooks and got another as a gift.  They have some really delicious recipes and I am hoping to get the rest of the family on board most of the time.  And since I am responsible for most of the food purchasing and prep, it should be easy to have real food in the house, in lunchboxes, and on the table.
  2. Run 10k for my dad’s 70th birthday in late July. My dad will be turning 70 in the beginning of March and would like for the family to run the Wharf to Wharf 10k run with him in Santa Cruz.  It will just be my dad, my sister, my brother-in-law and myself..  In the group…one of these things is not like the others and its ME!  I don’t run AND there are two hills! But I have almost 8 months to prepare and am planning on starting slowly and work up to 6+ miles over the next few months.  Definitely doable…I think.
  3. Keep lifting heavy-ish stuff.  I am LOVING the Strong Curves workouts.  I would like to add in cleans, snatches, and overhead squats.  I am thinking once I complete the Strong Curve workouts (only 3 more weeks I think) that I will take a break from those workouts for a bit and do more of Crossfit type workouts  – there are a couple places I have found posted workouts or I can go back to my log and do some of the workouts I did in the past.  I still can’t do the workouts rx’d but I am closer now than when I first went to Crossfit.  I would love to do Crossfit again but its do darn expensive! By the end of 2014, I am aiming to do 5 consecutive, unassisted pull ups and squat my body weight..
  4. Complete 30 day challenges each month.  As I mentioned above, these are monthly challenges to help improve my overall health.  I found a website with monthly workout challenges (planks, sit ups, burpees, etc.).  I just installed a free app on my phone called Promise which tracks a “habit” for 30 days (we will see how that works).  I also was thinking about challenges like no added sugar for the month (not this month because I just added coconut sugar to my Bulletproof coffee!), 20 minutes stretching/yoga before bed, eating green leafy veggies at least twice a day…you get the idea.

Sorry for all the rambling!  I am excited to start 2014 off on the right foot and am looking forward to a better year!  Last year wasn’t horrible, but definitely left room for improvement in 2014.

First 30 day challenge…plank challenge.  First two days done…20 second plank…piece of cake.

Stay tuned because I will be sharing a dirty little secret I haven’t shared with anyone in the next couple days…


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