Tales of A Paleo Mom

Weekly Meal Plan

on February 4, 2014

I am currently recovering from a cold.  Sucks.

Speaking of sucks….the monthly challenge thing.  I suck at doing them I guess.  I realized on Saturday night, as I lay in a sea of snotty tissues (gross…sorry!),  that it was February 1st and I hadn’t come up with a new challenge.  And I have had no motivation to think of a challenge.  Plus, the month has already started and I am sure I have blown every challenge I might possibly think up for the month in the last two days.  Oh well.  March….right?

You know what else sucks….working out lately.  I had been doing really well with my running/walking couch to 5k training thing, but I haven’t been able to run for the last few days due to not being able to breath because of this darn cold thing. And I haven’t lifted weights in a while either.  After I finished up the Strong Curves workout program, I did a few random things last week (tabata type workouts) but nothing really.  I know a break is good once in a while but the problem for me is the break becomes a week, then two, and the next thing I know it has been a month or two.  So, it’s time to get back to it.  Call me strange…but I actually miss lifting weights.  Weird-o!

I just realized that I have only posted two weekly menu plans.  Ever.  Weird..because I plan our weekly meals (dinners at least) on Sunday before going grocery shopping, so it’s just a matter of typing it and hitting the publish button.  Possibly even adding the links for a couple recipes.   Time to stop being lazy and get that going…really do need to get better at that.

Anywho…here’s this week’s menu…

  • Sunday:  Sausage Artichoke Soup (couldn’t taste a thing….boooooo!)
  • Monday:  Santa Ana Steak (but roasted in oven) with sauteed green beans and bacon (couldn’t taste a thing AGAIN, but the family said it was delicious)
  • Tuesday:  Mimi’s Chicken (but in crockpot) with broccoli and red roasted potatoes for the SAD eaters
  • Wednesday:  Pizza Meatloaves with Faux Mashed Potatoes for me and real mashed for the others
  • Thursday:  my mother in law will be doing dinner (I think)
  • Friday:  your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Have a fabulous week!

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