Tales of A Paleo Mom

Sick of Being Sick

on February 12, 2014

10 days to be exact.

I was under the weather for 10 freaking days.  Ridiculous if you ask me because there was no reason for me to feel like crap for that long.  What started out as a cold, turned into a sinus infection last Tuesday and I KNEW I had a sinus infection.  I called the advice nurse and described my symptoms which were all clear signs of a sinus infection.  I was directed to take Sudafed and Advil (I hate taking medication!) which I reluctantly did only because I was feeling so crappy and was hoping that it would cure whatever was going on.  And it did help, but only slightly.  I kept getting headaches and my teeth were killing me.  So I called the advice nurse again Friday afternoon and describe what was going on which included brightly colored tissues that clearly displayed signs of an infection (sorry…gross).  After explaining all of this, I was told since I did not have a fever and it had not been 10 days, I should try doing a saline spray to clear out whatever was going on in my nose.  So while I knew it was an infection, I followed their instructions which again helped temporarily but only for a short period of time.  I finally ended up in the doctor’s office yesterday with guess what…A SINUS INFECTION.

I am taking medication for five days and spraying more stuff up my nose in hopes that this all goes away.  The good news is I didn’t have a headache today and just a little tooth pain, so crossing my fingers that finally I am on the road to being healthy and can get my butt back into a workout routine.

While all this has been going on with me, my daughter ended up seriously injured in her soccer game on Sunday.  We initially thought that it was a very bad sprain, but after a considerable amount of swelling on the way home from the game, we decided to take her in to the minor injury clinic.  They quickly got her into x-ray and while waiting for the doctor to see us, I got an email from the orthopedic department confirming an appointment for the following day.  So when they doctor walked in and told us it was broken, I wasn’t totally surprised.  So she got a boot and crutches until our follow up appointment at which she was outfitted with a lovely purple cast and informed not only did she have a fracture but it was a very bad sprain as well.  Four weeks in the cast followed by the boot, but total time off the field recovering is going to be 8-10 weeks.  😦  It’s going to be a long 8+ weeks!

Why am I writing about all this?!?

  1. I am not working out due to being sick, and I am not happy about that.  My workout page looks like this…sick…sick again…no workout…no workout…ditto…you get the point.
  2. My running program is non-existent because of the sinus infection…3 weeks of running/walking down the drain.  I am running a 5k in approximately 3 weeks.  I can currently run a total of 5 minutes without dying…and that’s at a snail’s pace.
  3. My diet has been less than ideal, and I am not happy about that either. (This is an understatement – “less than ideal” – FYI!)
  4. I haven’t planned meals which is adding to the less “than ideal diet”…not happy.
  5. I am SUPER stressed with work related issues and am using food to comfort myself…ughhhh!

Bottom line is I need to get back on track and sitting and complaining about it ain’t going to do the trick.  So tomorrow I will be posting my eats for the day (it is WIAW) and will be trying to squeeze in a quickie workout (have to take my son to ice hockey practice right after school gets out for and hour and a half).

See you tomorrow!


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