Tales of A Paleo Mom

“This Paleo Thing Isn’t So Bad” and Weekly Meal Plan

on March 4, 2014

That’s what my daughter said tonight at the dinner table.  It’s only been two days, and she hasn’t complained once.  This is HUGE!  So far so good…for the most part…

Everyone is eating a much healthier diet these days in our house although we got off to a rocky start Saturday morning.  This was all due to poor planning on my part.  I thought I would just get up Saturday morning and whip up a batch of coconut flour pancakes or use my vertically challenged nut free load to make french toast sticks.  None of those appealed my husband or Sarah, so I dumped them and made Sarah two fried eggs and my husband chose a protein shake.  Joey opted for scrambled eggs, sausage and strawberries.  I spent a long time in the kitchen trying to get everyone fed.  By this time it was 11:00, and I was starving.  Fortunately, I had leftover chicken salad that I wrapped up in lettuce leaves and scarfed down along with having a cup of black coffee (was planning on doing my second Whole 30).  The rest of the day was uneventful except for dinner was prepared twice because my husband worked an extra shift and I didn’t really put much thought into having dinner on the table earlier than our normal time (poor planning at its finest again!).  Once I sat down for dinner,  I decided to have a glass of wine with dinner which isn’t something I do very often.  It was delicious with the steak, sweet potato and Romanesco cauliflower I fixed for dinner.  Only problem…no alcohol when completing the Whole 30…oops!

Sunday went much better in the morning and even lunch wasn’t an issue even though I really hadn’t done much shopping since returning from camping over the February break.  I was able to make my meal plan for the week and made three grocery lists (Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods).  I finally got home by 5:00 pm and started unloading groceries and getting everything put away.  I made Chik-Fil-A from The Domestic Man which was AMAZING!  My family kept requesting chicken nuggets which used to be coated in a flour-egg batter and deep fried in canola or some other yucky oil.  While the family said these weren’t the same, the bowl was empty and everyone commented on how good they were.  THE BEST PART… no one had any tummy trouble after eating the no garbage, clean chicken nuggets.

I have decided that there is no way in the world I can do a Whole 30 this month while trying to focus on cleaning up the rest of the gang’s’ diet.  It requires too much planning.  Planning my meals and the rest of the families meals takes more time than what I have right now.  I have definitely cleaned up my diet and am working on eliminating sweets and treats as much as possible.  But Whole 30 is on hold until maybe April or May.

Here’s the meal plan and links if available for this week:

  • Sunday:  Chik-Fil-A, mashed potatoes, artichokes, leftover Romanesco cauliflower
  • Monday:  meatloaf (added an egg, 1 Tb. almond flour and placed bacon slices on top), sweet potato fries, sauteed green beans – prepared Cincinnati Chili from Paleo Indulgences and sweet potatoes for tomorrow’s lunch
  • Tuesday:  Chicken Pizza Rolls, salad
  • Wednesday:  Smashed Flank Steak unsure of the sides
  • Thursday:  pulled pork with slaw
  • Friday: Paleo Pizza Night (crust from The Domestic Man)
  • Saturday:



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