Tales of A Paleo Mom

Recipes I Have Made and You Should Too

on March 20, 2014

Just a quick post because I wanted to be in bed an hour ago…

Not my recipes, but they are delicious and you should make them now…seriously!

Current favorite…Cinnamon French Toast Panna Cotta from Stupid Easy Paleo – I have been eating mine without the bacony goodness because I am too lazy to throw it in the oven.  Next time, which will be tomorrow because I at ate it all in two days…myself…no sharing.

Best Banana Bread ever…Coffee Cake Banana Bread from PaleOMG (random thought…why call it coffee cake if there’s no coffee in it???) – Everyone likes it (even my mother-in-law) which is actually not a good thing.  Less for me 😦

Weird but I loved it…Broccoli Bread from Purely Twins – sometimes you just need to try something new…ate this today for lunch with Applegate ham and LOVED it!  AND…my broccoli HATING husband ate this (his whole piece) and said it wasn’t that bad – that’s huge.  I successfully got him to eat a green veggie without gagging!


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