Tales of A Paleo Mom

A WHOLE Lot of Help Needed….

on March 27, 2014

The last two days have been rough…

Yesterday, I was on a field trip from 10:15-1:55 (early dismissal-thank goodness). There were 84 students from third and fourth grades and only two teachers.  We did have lots of parent chaperones which definitely helped, but some parents are not comfortable speaking up if needed.  No one got lost, and the students behaved themselves for the most part 🙂  I forgot how much I hate riding on a school bus packed with LOUD children!

Following the field trip, we had a staff meeting where we went over training on how to administer the new assessment (CAASPP)  since shifting to Common Core this year.  My brain went into shutdown mode, and I was done for the day after that.  UNTIL…I found out that the GATE test I was administering the following day to all 3rd grade students still needed to be picked up by ME!  This was my first year giving the test, so I really had no idea what I was doing.  I missed the training due to conferences, so I had no idea that I was responsible for picking up the tests.  I called the district office, contacted the person in charge to confirm she was still there, and then rushed over before she left for the day.  While my brain was done, I still had more work to do after dinner and packing lunches for the next day.  Since I needed to be out of the class for the day to do the testing, I still needed to prep and type up sub plans.  I finally made it to bed at 11:45pm.

Oops…I left one thing out…I didn’t eat anything until 2:00pm.  I had my usual cup of coffee with coconut milk and a little coconut sugar.  I was too busy making sure everything was prepped for the field trip.  The students had to eat lunch at 9:45 am since we weren’t allowed to bring food or snacks with us.  I just wasn’t hungry, so I ended up eating once the students had been dismissed and I had a chance to sit down for a minute at our staff meeting.  After rushing around to pick up the tests, I was on anxiety overload and started eating anything and everything in sight.  After dinner, I consumed large amounts of sugar.  I went to bed on a sugar high and had a hard time sleeping.

Today, I got to school after picking up pencils and brain food (Goldfish?  not my idea of brain food) for testing and needed to finish copying materials for the sub.  I quickly went over the plans with the sub, and I headed into the first classroom to give the GATE test.  Again, I didn’t eat breakfast because I was nervous about giving the test for the first time and was prepping for my sub and the test at the same time.  I tested three classes of 30 students back to back, but it wasn’t bad at all once I made it through the first group.  Lunch finally rolled around and I was able to sit down around 1:00 pm to eat some leftovers from Monday night’s dinner.  I left school briefly to watch my son’s play at school and then headed back for a planning meeting with my teammates.  On my way home, I stopped by Target to get sheets for my daughter’s new bed and grabbed a couple other items.  Got home and started snacking, snacking, snacking…ate dinner..then more snacking, snacking, snacking…

And no working out….

And…this is kind of gross…but I am SWEATING to death at night again…

The executive team will be coming to our school tomorrow for a meet and greet in addition to observing our classrooms…YIKES!…another nerve-wracking morning!

While I am not beating myself up over my poor food choices, I clearly need to get myself back on track.  I know everyone slips up now and again, but my slip ups can turn into downhill catastrophes quickly.  I feel like at least I know what is going on and why and maybe I can get things back under control.  So how am I going to do that you may be asking???


I have to.  I don’t see any other way to get things under control without following some sort of “plan”.  In the past, I said I wouldn’t do another Whole 30 or Sugar Detox, but the truth is sometimes you just need to reset your body and get healthy again.

I will not be cleaning out my house of off limit foods because I am the only one who will be doing this.  My mother in law still eats her “regular” diet and while the rest of the family is eating healthier, many of the items they are eating aren’t allowed on the Whole30.  I think this will be the biggest challenge along with food prep.  But I know I can do it because I did it once before!

So Whole30 starts tomorrow…


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