Tales of A Paleo Mom

My Story

My name is Janelle and I am a 39 year old wife, mother of two and full time elementary school teacher.   Both of my kids are in sports year round and my husband works hours that aren’t really conducive for driving the kids to and from their practices.  I also do my best to get a workout in at least 3-4 times a week.  So needless to say, like many of you, my schedule doesn’t leave much time for planning or making meals, yet alone making sure they are nutritious and will pass everyone’s “like-o-meter”!  I have been eating Paleo since the beginning of this year and have seen amazing results,  primarily with my stomach’s “cooperation issues” but also in my energy and muscle tone.

Okay, here’s why I started this site.  My hubby is as “meat and potatoes” as they come when it comes to what he will eat (although now I can say “used to eat”).  For the most part, he didn’t like ANY vegetables and loved his desserts.  The kids were middle of the road, but it was really hard to make a dinner where everybody at the table benefited, nutrition wise as well as liked.  I began scouring the internet and recipe books for Paleo meals that I could either tweak a little bit or make as is to serve the whole family.  Slowly, I gained many recipes that not only my kids liked, but the biggest kid in the family (hubby) liked as well!  Folks, I am telling you that these meals will keep even the MOST dedicated meat and potatoes eaters happy.  I even have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that my husband likes more than “real” chocolate chip cookies.  But let me clarify something…….My meals are “paleoish”.  Most are not HARDCORE Paleo.  Bottom line though is that even my loosest Paleo meal is MUCH healthier than a typical meal (at least what our typical meals were anyway).

So here is how you benefit;  I will post the recipes that pass my families “like-o-meter” here on my site.  I encourage you to write me and tell me how the meal went over with your family!  Most meals are very quick and most can be made days before and refrigerated or frozen.  I’m hoping that having recipes readily available to you saves you time in your already busy day as well as gets you and your family happier and healthier!  Please give me some feedback as it will help me continue to post the right things!

Enjoy and goodluck!



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