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March Challenge Update and Weekly Menu Plan

So…things are going.  Overall, I would say the family is making healthier choices, but we are still a long way from where I would love everyone to be.  Baby steps…baby steps.

My daughter, Sarah, worked on a school project at her friend’s house on Wednesday night.  She was invited to stay for dinner which ended up being takeout from In and Out Burger.  When I picked her up, she was super excited to share that she did not order fries or a milkshake (which would have been her normal order) and just got the burger.  She is my carb girl, so of course she ordered it with the bun.   I told her I was impressed that she thought about what she was ordering and was able to think about what would be better choices.  I left it at that.  Baby steps…baby steps.

My son went home with a friend on Thursday due to parent teacher conferences.  They went to Taco Bell.  No comment.

My husband is trying but has had quite a few meals out for a variety of reasons.  I know it is not easy for him (or the rest of the family for that matte) but he is trying…kind of.

Me…I have realized that I am too hard on myself and need to stop beating myself up over things and just move on.  Last week was not a great week as far as my eating, but not for the reasons above like my family.  It was a really stressful week last week – report cards and parent teacher conferences.  I ended up not eating enough during the day which resulted in nighttime binge eating.  I ALWAYS woke up feeling crappy the next day…which then resulted in not eating until lunch time and the pattern continued.  I am back on track for the most part after the last two days.  I set a goal for myself for the upcoming week.  This week my mini goal is to make sure that I eat breakfast within the first two hours of waking up.  Preparation is going to be key 🙂

In all honesty though, the family is eating healthier overall and that’s a good thing.  Makes me a happy mama 🙂

Weekly Menu for the Week of March 16

  • Sunday:  Prosciutto Pesto Chicken Roulade (with cheese for the others) from againstallgrain.com
  • Monday:  London Broil with Rosemary Vegetables from Against All Grain
  • Tuesday:  Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Wednesday:  Pork Tenderloin
  • Thursday:  Coffee Marinaded Steak Fajitas from OMG.  That’s Paleo?
  • Friday…
  • Saturday…

Off to finish my grocery list, shop, meal prep, squeeze in a Strong Curves workout and enjoy a bit of sunshine!

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Stitch Fix #4

I realized I never posted my third “fix”  but that’s okay because I didn’t like any.of.it!  My sister and I were supposed to get together for that one and do a photo shoot, but it happened to be the weekend my daughter broke her ankle.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

It still is exciting to get my box in the mail.  Not as exciting as the first couple times, but I am always interested in seeing what the stylist has picked out.  I received it on Saturday morning and opened it while on the phone with my sister.  A couple of the items looked promising, but I didn’t get them tried on until late Sunday night.  Here’s what was picked out…(Sorry in advance for my lack of posing.  I hate taking pictures,and it doesn’t help when my thirteen year old keeps telling me that I am standing weird!)

RD Style…Gallagher Ombre Knit Sweater $68 – LOVE IT!  I love the color and it is super comfortable.  The back is kind of an open knit, so I have to wear a tank underneath.  I wasn’t crazy about the price…but I REALLY liked it.  I wore it today to work and got a few compliments on the color 🙂  Keeper.

photo 1(2)

Under Skies, Marlo Striped Knit Sweater Dress $68 – YUCK!  Olive green.  Horizontal stripes.  Enough said.  Not a keeper.

photo 3(2)


Fun2Fun, Montreal Arrow Printed Henley Blouse, $48 – I love the style of these tops.  My only issue is they seem to develop static cling once I put them on which is annoying.  I loved the way it looked and fit.  Keeper.

photo 2(2)

Kut From The Kloth, Simmons Bootcut Jeans $98 – I really liked the way these fit and, again, super comfortable.  I have A LOT of jeans, and I just purchased a nice pair of to wear out.  The price was a bit much…so…Not a keeper (which I am kind of bummed they went back)

photo 4(1)

My daughter told me to stop standing so weird and do something with my fingers like the peace sign…that’s all I could come up with!

Jill Michael, Marietta Nugget V Necklace, $48 – I was a little disappointed when I saw that I had gotten jewelry since I had requested no jewelry.  I am not a huge jewelry fan.  On a daily basis, I wear my wedding ring, engagement ring, diamond stud earrings (which are always in), and a necklace that my husband bought me last year with charms engraved with the kids’ names.  That’s it.  When I opened the box, the necklace was simple, and I was still sure it was going to go back.  I almost stuck it right into the return bag, but remembering that I said I would try everything on that was sent to me, I put the necklace on.  LOVED IT!  It is really simple, but I am a simple kind of gal, so it is perfect.  I have already worn it to work this week twice 🙂  Keeper.


Nothing special, but it is just my style….simple.

So overall, I am really happy with the items that I have kept.  My sister and I agree that the service would be better if you had the same stylist each time, so they could become familiar with your particular likes and dislikes.  I debated about waiting until late Spring to do my next fix, but decided against it and have another coming at the beginning of April.  It will be a birthday present to myself!  I did add a note that I do not want dresses or jeans.  The dresses in my “fix” have not been cute at all and, as mentioned before, I have too many pairs of jeans.  I am hoping they include some “springy” items in my next shipment!

Note: If you are thinking about trying Stitch Fix, please feel free to use the links in the post.  I was not paid for this post, however, the links to Stitch Fix are my affiliate links, so if you buy something using that link, I get a credit on my next Fix, and I will love you forever because I desperately need fashionable clothes. 🙂

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Happy Birthday Dad and Weekly Menu Plan

My dad turned 70 today!

To celebrate his birthday, my sister, brother in law, dad and I ran a 5k.  My goal was to run the whole thing, and I am happy to announce that I did it!


Headed for the finish line!


After the race..with our photographer and cheerleader, my mom


My sister and I

On the flip side, I was a little disappointed that my pace was 10:49 per mile (slow poke!), but you have to start somewhere I guess.

The race my dad really wants the gang to do is The Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz which is a 10k on July 27.  The original discussion was to run that one to celebrate his birthday.  Then this race popped up on his actual birthday, so we decided to do this one too.  This was just a warm-up race.  (I am in TrOuBle!)  I need to start training now 😉  Eeeek!

Weekly Menu Plan (Parent-Teacher conference week means it’s a slow cooker week!  All recipes are from “Easy Paleo Slow Cooker” by Arsy Vartanian – it was a free ebook on Amazon a few weeks ago and lifesaver for this busy week!)

  • Sunday:  dinner out with family to celebrate my dad’s birthday
  • Monday:  Chicken Verde
  • Tuesday:  Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket – from Scratch!
  • Wednesday:  my mother in law is cooking dinner
  • Thursday:  Chicken, Artichokes, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Friday:  Paleo Pizza night? (we may sneak out of town-my husband has a long weekend)

Later this week, I will be posting about my Stitch Fix #4.  I am still trying to decide which items to keep and which to send back…

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March Challenge Update and Smashingly Good Flank Steak in a Flash Recipe

I am happy to report things are going well with the family’s healthy eating (with the exception of pizza consumed by my husband at a work function).

My only complaint with the change is I am spending way too much time in the kitchen. I am fixing dinner and then prepping meals for the following day. I feel like I am in the kitchen from the time I walk in the door until I go to bed. I can’t complain too much because everyone is eating the foods I am making, so I know it’s worth the extra time. I will be trying to do more prep this weekend to avoid some of this during the upcoming week which is going to be crazy due to report cards and parent teacher conferences.

Our menu changed a couple nights this week. The pizza chicken rolls I had planned for Tuesday are a bit of work. So instead of butterflying, stuffing and rolling them, I pounded the breast so they were even in thickness, topped with pizza sauce and our toppings, and baked in oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Just as tasty, even without the bacon, and a lot less work.

Last night my husband had his work function and asked that I save our smashed steak dinner for a night he was home, so I fixed burgers and subbed lettuce for buns.

Tonight was smashed steaks. Super easy, delicious and fast (recipe below). I served it with roasted peppers and onions and my balsamic sauce. Mmmmmm….

Tomorrow night will be pulled pork from Primal Cravings. My daughter is concerned it won’t be the same with out bread…hoping she will be pleasantly surprised.

Ahhhhhh…I’m running a 5k on Sunday with my sister, brother in law and dad, who is turning 70 on Sunday. I know it’s only three miles, but I HATE running and am running it with experienced runners. My training program fell apart when I got sick, and it’s been rough getting back into a routine. My goal is to run the whole thing…crossing my fingers and toes on that one.

Smashingly Good Flank Steak in a Flash

What you need…
-one flank steak (for a family of 5, I usually get a 1.5 to 2 lb. steak which usually doesn’t leave any leftovers)
-1-2 Tb. Kerrygold butter, melted
-salt and pepper

What you do…
1. Cut the flank steak lengthwise. Then cut each long strip into eight equal pieces. You will end up with 16 pieces total.
2. One at a time, take a piece of steak and stand it up on its side. Pound with a meat mallet until about 1/4 inch thick. Continue
with remaining pieces.
3. Take melted butter and brush the pounded steak. Salt and pepper if desired.
4. BBQ. They don’t take long since they aren’t very thick. Just a couple minutes. Don’t overcook!
5. Let rest for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy!
*I like mine just like this, but the rest of the family likes this steak with my balsamic sauce.

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“This Paleo Thing Isn’t So Bad” and Weekly Meal Plan

That’s what my daughter said tonight at the dinner table.  It’s only been two days, and she hasn’t complained once.  This is HUGE!  So far so good…for the most part…

Everyone is eating a much healthier diet these days in our house although we got off to a rocky start Saturday morning.  This was all due to poor planning on my part.  I thought I would just get up Saturday morning and whip up a batch of coconut flour pancakes or use my vertically challenged nut free load to make french toast sticks.  None of those appealed my husband or Sarah, so I dumped them and made Sarah two fried eggs and my husband chose a protein shake.  Joey opted for scrambled eggs, sausage and strawberries.  I spent a long time in the kitchen trying to get everyone fed.  By this time it was 11:00, and I was starving.  Fortunately, I had leftover chicken salad that I wrapped up in lettuce leaves and scarfed down along with having a cup of black coffee (was planning on doing my second Whole 30).  The rest of the day was uneventful except for dinner was prepared twice because my husband worked an extra shift and I didn’t really put much thought into having dinner on the table earlier than our normal time (poor planning at its finest again!).  Once I sat down for dinner,  I decided to have a glass of wine with dinner which isn’t something I do very often.  It was delicious with the steak, sweet potato and Romanesco cauliflower I fixed for dinner.  Only problem…no alcohol when completing the Whole 30…oops!

Sunday went much better in the morning and even lunch wasn’t an issue even though I really hadn’t done much shopping since returning from camping over the February break.  I was able to make my meal plan for the week and made three grocery lists (Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods).  I finally got home by 5:00 pm and started unloading groceries and getting everything put away.  I made Chik-Fil-A from The Domestic Man which was AMAZING!  My family kept requesting chicken nuggets which used to be coated in a flour-egg batter and deep fried in canola or some other yucky oil.  While the family said these weren’t the same, the bowl was empty and everyone commented on how good they were.  THE BEST PART… no one had any tummy trouble after eating the no garbage, clean chicken nuggets.

I have decided that there is no way in the world I can do a Whole 30 this month while trying to focus on cleaning up the rest of the gang’s’ diet.  It requires too much planning.  Planning my meals and the rest of the families meals takes more time than what I have right now.  I have definitely cleaned up my diet and am working on eliminating sweets and treats as much as possible.  But Whole 30 is on hold until maybe April or May.

Here’s the meal plan and links if available for this week:

  • Sunday:  Chik-Fil-A, mashed potatoes, artichokes, leftover Romanesco cauliflower
  • Monday:  meatloaf (added an egg, 1 Tb. almond flour and placed bacon slices on top), sweet potato fries, sauteed green beans – prepared Cincinnati Chili from Paleo Indulgences and sweet potatoes for tomorrow’s lunch
  • Tuesday:  Chicken Pizza Rolls, salad
  • Wednesday:  Smashed Flank Steak unsure of the sides
  • Thursday:  pulled pork with slaw
  • Friday: Paleo Pizza Night (crust from The Domestic Man)
  • Saturday:


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Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals – Free eBook

Arsy Vartanian of Rubies & Radishes (www.rubiesandradishes.com) has a free eBook on Amazon for the next 36 hours….


Who doesn’t love free?

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March Monthly Challenge – It’s a Family Thing!

That’s right…I convinced the whole family to join in a monthly challenge.  Well, I didn’t exactly tell them it was a monthly challenge but I challenged them to try and make better food choices for 30 days (I am taking baby steps to get the family back to paleo/primal).  To my shock…THEY AGREED!  Even the my 13 year old daughter!  Challenge on!

Here are the details so far….

THE CHALLENGE:  Healthier eating for the month of March – I will be doing my second Whole 30 and the rest of the family will be making healthier, real food choices most of the time (aiming for 6 out of 7 days).

Why are we doing this?  We all need to check our eating habits and I am determined to show the family they can feel better by making healthier food choices.

How will we survive 30 days?  LOTS and lots of planning, prepping and cooking.  I will be asking the kids for help with meal planning and prep.  We will probably need to do some compromising on both sides to make this work for the 30 days.

Stay tuned for meal plans, daily updates and recipes you can tryout!

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Sick of Being Sick

10 days to be exact.

I was under the weather for 10 freaking days.  Ridiculous if you ask me because there was no reason for me to feel like crap for that long.  What started out as a cold, turned into a sinus infection last Tuesday and I KNEW I had a sinus infection.  I called the advice nurse and described my symptoms which were all clear signs of a sinus infection.  I was directed to take Sudafed and Advil (I hate taking medication!) which I reluctantly did only because I was feeling so crappy and was hoping that it would cure whatever was going on.  And it did help, but only slightly.  I kept getting headaches and my teeth were killing me.  So I called the advice nurse again Friday afternoon and describe what was going on which included brightly colored tissues that clearly displayed signs of an infection (sorry…gross).  After explaining all of this, I was told since I did not have a fever and it had not been 10 days, I should try doing a saline spray to clear out whatever was going on in my nose.  So while I knew it was an infection, I followed their instructions which again helped temporarily but only for a short period of time.  I finally ended up in the doctor’s office yesterday with guess what…A SINUS INFECTION.

I am taking medication for five days and spraying more stuff up my nose in hopes that this all goes away.  The good news is I didn’t have a headache today and just a little tooth pain, so crossing my fingers that finally I am on the road to being healthy and can get my butt back into a workout routine.

While all this has been going on with me, my daughter ended up seriously injured in her soccer game on Sunday.  We initially thought that it was a very bad sprain, but after a considerable amount of swelling on the way home from the game, we decided to take her in to the minor injury clinic.  They quickly got her into x-ray and while waiting for the doctor to see us, I got an email from the orthopedic department confirming an appointment for the following day.  So when they doctor walked in and told us it was broken, I wasn’t totally surprised.  So she got a boot and crutches until our follow up appointment at which she was outfitted with a lovely purple cast and informed not only did she have a fracture but it was a very bad sprain as well.  Four weeks in the cast followed by the boot, but total time off the field recovering is going to be 8-10 weeks.  😦  It’s going to be a long 8+ weeks!

Why am I writing about all this?!?

  1. I am not working out due to being sick, and I am not happy about that.  My workout page looks like this…sick…sick again…no workout…no workout…ditto…you get the point.
  2. My running program is non-existent because of the sinus infection…3 weeks of running/walking down the drain.  I am running a 5k in approximately 3 weeks.  I can currently run a total of 5 minutes without dying…and that’s at a snail’s pace.
  3. My diet has been less than ideal, and I am not happy about that either. (This is an understatement – “less than ideal” – FYI!)
  4. I haven’t planned meals which is adding to the less “than ideal diet”…not happy.
  5. I am SUPER stressed with work related issues and am using food to comfort myself…ughhhh!

Bottom line is I need to get back on track and sitting and complaining about it ain’t going to do the trick.  So tomorrow I will be posting my eats for the day (it is WIAW) and will be trying to squeeze in a quickie workout (have to take my son to ice hockey practice right after school gets out for and hour and a half).

See you tomorrow!

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Weekly Meal Plan

I am currently recovering from a cold.  Sucks.

Speaking of sucks….the monthly challenge thing.  I suck at doing them I guess.  I realized on Saturday night, as I lay in a sea of snotty tissues (gross…sorry!),  that it was February 1st and I hadn’t come up with a new challenge.  And I have had no motivation to think of a challenge.  Plus, the month has already started and I am sure I have blown every challenge I might possibly think up for the month in the last two days.  Oh well.  March….right?

You know what else sucks….working out lately.  I had been doing really well with my running/walking couch to 5k training thing, but I haven’t been able to run for the last few days due to not being able to breath because of this darn cold thing. And I haven’t lifted weights in a while either.  After I finished up the Strong Curves workout program, I did a few random things last week (tabata type workouts) but nothing really.  I know a break is good once in a while but the problem for me is the break becomes a week, then two, and the next thing I know it has been a month or two.  So, it’s time to get back to it.  Call me strange…but I actually miss lifting weights.  Weird-o!

I just realized that I have only posted two weekly menu plans.  Ever.  Weird..because I plan our weekly meals (dinners at least) on Sunday before going grocery shopping, so it’s just a matter of typing it and hitting the publish button.  Possibly even adding the links for a couple recipes.   Time to stop being lazy and get that going…really do need to get better at that.

Anywho…here’s this week’s menu…

  • Sunday:  Sausage Artichoke Soup (couldn’t taste a thing….boooooo!)
  • Monday:  Santa Ana Steak (but roasted in oven) with sauteed green beans and bacon (couldn’t taste a thing AGAIN, but the family said it was delicious)
  • Tuesday:  Mimi’s Chicken (but in crockpot) with broccoli and red roasted potatoes for the SAD eaters
  • Wednesday:  Pizza Meatloaves with Faux Mashed Potatoes for me and real mashed for the others
  • Thursday:  my mother in law will be doing dinner (I think)
  • Friday:  your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Have a fabulous week!

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It’s my first What I Ate Wednesday!  I was a little worried that I would eat my food before remembering to snap a picture (happened last week when I was going to try my first WIAW…oops).  It only happened with dinner, but I was able to snap a picture while putting away leftovers.  I am warning you now…nothing exciting eaten today…BORING!  Just stating the facts!

Breakfast:  Bulletproof coffee with a bit of coconut sugar


Snack:  2 hard boiled eggs (score from Costco!)

photo 5(3)

Lunch:  leftover chicken enchilada meat, steamed broccoli, guac (another score from Costco!), and carrots

photo 4(3)

Pre-workout: green tipped banana (I ran into grocery store and was starving, so grabbed a nanner to get me through.)

photo 3(6)

Post-workout:  Rx Bar (While I didn’t do much lifting today, I did PR my back squat (although it wasn’t pretty), so I wanted to eat something.  Plus…I LOVE THESE!)

photo 1(5)

Dinner:  (my mother-in-law made dinner) I ate 3 baby back ribs (with some sort of seasoning?), a steamed artichoke and salad with olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar (not pictured)

photo 2(5)

Sorry…this wasn’t really my dinner plate. Once we sat down, I didn’t want to be rude and pull out my phone to take a picture, so I snapped one while packing up leftovers and making my daughter her dish for post-practice.

Currently eating two four squares (oops!) of dark chocolate and drinking a cup of red velvet chocolate tea with coconut milk.

And that’s it…I warned you it was boring!

Something a little more exciting for me at least…I started a new page to keep track of my weekly workouts.  Check it out!

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